SPRING AIR Collection

Spring Air Collection

Start removing the dust from your favorite shoes and sandals, no fear that they get ruined by the salt. Days are becoming longer as we were waiting for, the warm colors and light clothes are back!

As we brave the last few days of winter and that frozen breeze on your face, we get ready to wrap ourselves in fresh SPRING AIR.

Spring Air Collection

What will you wear to share that wine in the terrace with friends? …

This year, for the first time, Sol Alpaca launches the new Spring Air Collection, made with the finest yarns of baby alpaca in an exquisite blend with other noble fibers to provide a sophisticated article which is light, fresh and natural as spring air.

Discover the light clothes to look out for in 2017 in our Spring Air Collection.

Spring Air Collection


Sol Alpaca winter clothing



The start of a new year is a great time to let everything in the past and have a new beginning; that’s why, January is the perfect month to step on every store’s sale, and because we know this season brings cold and snow, we have what you need to complete your winters wardrobe.
Our alpaca clothing WINTER SALE offers outfits for every style, from refined and trendy to a perfect comfortable look.


winter alpaca coats


The alpaca coats are always a good option to stand the cold days and at the same time looking fantastic this season.
A perfect look combination, where you can use a basic Alpaca pullover, cardigan or jacket under your trendy coat, made out of the ideal fiber to keep you warmer, and on top decorate this look with a colorful or patterned scarf.
One of the best things about this outfit is that you can either wear it with a pair of jeans or your best trousers.


winter alpaca accessories and sweaters


winter alpaca scarves and coats



Pattern play and layering can be fun in putting together a great outfit. But although it’s a cold season, buildings are so overly heated that working in layers is easier than overheating.
Wearing an Alpaca cardigan under one of our jackets will be the best option for this winter. The whole outfit will maintain you warm outdoors, and while indoors, with the Alpaca cardigan you will be at the perfect temperature.

Now you know!, take a time to visit our online store and shop our SALE! solalpaca.com/store


winter alpaca scarves, coats and sweaters


There is a feeling which Andean people express very well without words: warmth.


There is a feeling which Andean people express very well without words: warmth.

The heiresses to the Andean textile tradition are experts in providing warmth and they show this with every gesture: sometimes a glance, a hug or a smile; other times by choosing alpaca fibre, one of the world’s finest raw materials, to make into garments whose lovely designs and incomparable softness leave one speechless. But most of all because they provide warmth when the body and soul need it.

So now you know! Visit the new SOL ALPACA online store (www.solalpaca.com.pe/store) and discover the warmth of the Andes in all its garments and accessories. And if you’re still not quite convinced, just for suscribe to this blog you have a 10% discount using code storelaunch2015! Treat yourself!










Create your own look, combining textures and colours!

Combining colours, designs and textures is a trend. The key to match distinct textures on garments is that at least one colour should be repeated.  If you want your outfit to look better, one of the garments should predominate. Combining colour and texture in clothes is a fun way to make a statement saying that rules can be broken.

We are sharing these examples from our model mixing textures in these outfits, would you like to dress up one of these combinations?

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Dare to make a difference!