Licences & Certifications

As part of our commitment to being transparent with our customers and becoming a fully sustainable company, we have obtained the following certifications.

Certification and Licences of Michell & Cia

Organic Certification

Our goal of producing exclusively organic garments was a 4-year project, making Michell & Cía the first company in the world to obtain the "Organic Alpaca Certification".

Obtaining the Certificate of Fair Trade for Good Practices

In May 2019 we set ourselves the challenge of achieving the Fair Trade Certification for Good Practices and today we are proud to have obtained it. In this time of crisis, it is important for us to communicate that we stand firm on these principles, which we will now share with you.

The Fair Trade is a solidary, equitable and ethical model, which seeks to provide fair benefits to each of the parties involved in the production process of a product or service.

These criteria have been set by the World Fair Trade Organization. 10 principles govern the Fair Trade for Good Practices, which are:

1. Good working conditions. 
2. Development of capacities. 
3. Creation of opportunities for the community.
4. Transparency and responsibility. 
5. Fair business practices. 
6. Promotion of Good Fair Trade Practices. 
7. Payment of the Fair price. 
8. No discrimination. 
9. No to child labour. 
10. Respect for the environment.