About us

Founded in 2004, SOL ALPACA, the name of the Michell Group’s chain of stores, represents the legacy of Frank W. Michell and the spirit of bringing the highest quality garments to Peru, and the world, through an exclusive collection made with the finest fibres of the Andes: Alpaca and Vicuña.

The SOL ALPACA collections are designed by the renowned Peruvian designer of Persian origin, Fariba Heydari. Inspired by the millenary culture of the Andes, her designs masterfully incorporate rich touches  of contemporary fashion, achieving a sophisticated combination unique in its genre.

Through continuous national and international expansion efforts and the most rigorous production process, SOL ALPACA has obtained worldwide outreach, driven continuously by its boutiques located in the main cities of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Australia.

As heirs of Frank W. Michell’s love and admiration for the Andean culture, at SOL ALPACA we maintain his commitment to introduce this rich, millenary textile tradition to other cultures and new horizons, through effort, respect for nature and passion for excellence, which we express through the art of the finest fibres in the world. It is for this very reason that we, at SOL ALPACA, are proud to  be the legacy of the pioneer.