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Today, Michell & Cía. S.A. is the parent company of Michell Group, Peru’s largest alpaca textile corporation, which encompasses everything from breeding alpacas to selling its fine products to consumers, with operations that include traditional manual sorting, aswell as modern combing, spinning and weaving plants.

The permanent contact with the demanding international market highlights the need to advance beyond the export of raw materials and in the 1940’s the dream becomes reality.
In 1947, Michell & Cía. set up its first combing and spinning plant in Peru and in so doing, created and established the standard for the Alpaca industry today, not just in Peru, but all over the world.

Our First Factory in Peru

Michell & Cía. S.A., has managed to position itself as a world leader in the alpaca industry thanks to its efforts and continuous improvements, from the implementation of quality control programs in all stages of production and customer service, to constant investments in cutting-edge technology, thus honouringits commitment to share this noble fibre worldwide.

Today, Michell & Cía. S.A. has over 87 years of experience in the processing of the alpaca fibre. Under the leadership of Mr. Michael W. Michell, son of the founder and current president of the Michell Group, the company is a pioneer and world leader in the transformation and commercialization of products made from this sophisticated fibre, working in harmony with nature, the environment and with the greatest respect for the local population.

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