Transition Paracas-Nazca Scarf
Transition Paracas-Nazca Scarf

Transition Paracas-Nazca Scarf



Composition:  Scarf

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This printed silk blend scarf, inspired by the colours, shapes and symbols of the Paracas culture, this vibrant scarf will bring a warm glow to your look.
- Delicate fringe trimming
- Made in Peru

The Transition Paracas-Nazca Scarf has been inspired by the colours, forms and symbols of the Paracas culture (800BC - 100BC)

The Paracas textiles contain motifs portraying flying human figures, suggesting a journey into the spiritual realm. Fish and birds were also important part of their iconography.

The Paracas people were outstanding in the use of colour, relying on natural dyes, characterized by strong hues and an amazing capacity to combine the colours to achieve fantastic works of art.

This culture developed in the central coastal region of Peru.

This piece is part of the Amano by Sol Alpaca collection which contributes to the ongoing restoration work, research and maintenance of the Amano Museum in Lima, Peru.

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