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Reasons Why You Should Knit

Move over Granny! The image of old ladies sitting in rocking chairs, yarn and needles in hand is no longer the accurate portrait for knitting. It’s now considered trendy, and helps us relax and take time for ourselves, as we navigate strange, unprecedented times. Discover 3 good reasons why knitting is good for you.

It’s relaxing

Reasons Why You Should Knit: It's relaxing

Our lives have been turned upside down lately, and this creative activity is a great way to free your mind no matter where you are, whether you’re between two subway stations or sitting on your couch. If you want to relax and occupy your mind, knitting is the way to go.

People are talking about knitting therapy and with good reason! Several studies have proven the benefits of knitting on our bodies and minds. One study in particular, carried out by the Mind and Body Institute of the Harvard School of Medicine in 2007, confirms that this practice significantly reduces the heart rate. After ten minutes of knitting, the pulse of participants slowed by an average of 11 beats per minute.

Another 2013 study from the British Journal of Occupational Therapy collected data from 3,545 regular knitters, of which 81% said they felt happier and less stressed after their session.

Why? The explanation is simple: the repeated movement of knitting increases the production of serotonin, one of the hormones that fights depression and anxiety. The required concentration forces you to be present in the moment and drives out harmful thoughts.

It can replace bad habits

Want another great reason to knit? You can do it anywhere, anytime, instead of other useless habits like scrolling aimlessly through your phone. Ditto if you're a snacker when boredom hits, or if you want to quit smoking or quit biting your nails. It's simple, by concentrating on your work, your brain replaces all these nasty little habits with a constructive one. 

Last but not least, knitting is very convenient to carry. You can slip your needles and your ball of (alpaca!) yarn into your favourite handbag, and off you go!

Unique pieces in your closet 

Reasons Why You Should Knit: Unique pieces in your closet

It’s happened to all of us! You put on your new sweater for an outing and realize that you’re not the only one sporting this little gem, *sigh.*

The big advantage, when you knit, is that you can create your own clothing. Many sites online offer patterns and other inspiration. They offer all of the advice and direction you need to get started or perfect your craft. Go to the Ravelry community website or Thread and Needles where you can chat with other members about knitting and sewing.

Online, in bookstores, or in places dedicated to this practice, you will find unique styles, that you can design with your own hands ... and then wear them with indescribable pride!

If you like beautiful alpaca wool clothing that is stylish, warm and soft, getting into knitting is definitely a good idea to complete your wardrobe with custom, quality pieces.

And if you’re into home decor, the good news is that you knit basically anything: from cushions, to a bedspread, or pretty flower pots for your favourite plants.

With balls of yarn and needles, you will discover a world of possibilities!

Written by Pauline Ponchaux
Traduced from french by Jonelle Larouche