Sol Alpaca winter clothing



The start of a new year is a great time to let everything in the past and have a new beginning; that’s why, January is the perfect month to step on every store’s sale, and because we know this season brings cold and snow, we have what you need to complete your winters wardrobe.
Our alpaca clothing WINTER SALE offers outfits for every style, from refined and trendy to a perfect comfortable look.


winter alpaca coats


The alpaca coats are always a good option to stand the cold days and at the same time looking fantastic this season.
A perfect look combination, where you can use a basic Alpaca pullover, cardigan or jacket under your trendy coat, made out of the ideal fiber to keep you warmer, and on top decorate this look with a colorful or patterned scarf.
One of the best things about this outfit is that you can either wear it with a pair of jeans or your best trousers.


winter alpaca accessories and sweaters


winter alpaca scarves and coats



Pattern play and layering can be fun in putting together a great outfit. But although it’s a cold season, buildings are so overly heated that working in layers is easier than overheating.
Wearing an Alpaca cardigan under one of our jackets will be the best option for this winter. The whole outfit will maintain you warm outdoors, and while indoors, with the Alpaca cardigan you will be at the perfect temperature.

Now you know!, take a time to visit our online store and shop our SALE!


winter alpaca scarves, coats and sweaters


A cape, whether it’s worn as a coat or a blazer, gives a touch of elegance to any outfit you have on and they are the perfect choice to polish a casual outfit.

Today I want to share with you some pictures to inspire you to try our 7 ways to wear SOL ALPACA capes for yourself. The best thing about capes are the seasons of use, although it’s hard to believe, capes can be used during autumn, spring, and off course winter season, when temperatures are dropping and you need to wrap up yourself without losing your style. They will keep you warm without seeming you are hiding your outfit….

Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks

Probably you are still wondering, why should you wear a SOL ALPACA cape? believe me it will be a purchase you will never regret, capes are a fashionable piece that can fit into any personal style, giving you warm without making you feel suffocated, they are the perfect complement to any outfit and you’ll be surprised at how versatile the cape can be in your daily looks without seeming a repeated attire.

Incorporate them into your wardrobe and keep checking out the photos for all the inspiration you need to look awesome this season. Keep it glamour and sophisticated by wearing SOL ALPACA`S CAPES!

Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks

If you dont have a SOL ALPACA’s cape and you want to get a creative, new, sophisticated, glamorous style and the most importante to #FEELWARMER, dont miss the chance to get them with a super discount until December 21st in our online store, they will be a perfect gift for her this Christmas!