Happy Day, Peruvian teacher.

Today, July 6, is Teacher’s Day, a day in which we commemorate teachers’ work – of all educational levels – in Peru.

Teachers’ Day is a celebration that touches the heart of each of us since we have all been students at some point in our lives. However fragile or worn out, we all have in our memory – the name of some teacher who helped us discover our path, even from our first years of life. This honorable profession, exercised with love and knowledge to transform lives, provides us with the best legacy that human beings can have and the best instrument to change our environment: education.

During this COVID – 19 pandemic, we have witnessed our teachers’ enormous commitment and how they managed to face innumerable challenges that this situation has imposed on them, problems like programming distance classes, virtual communication, learning new and “modern” digital programs. Maintaining the interest of their students and, without a doubt, the very activities of the home that must be carried out under the tedious – but necessary – context of the health emergency.

For this, and many other reasons, we would like to extend a warm hug and congratulations to all our teachers, since our motivation is supporting and promoting the education of the children of the Andes of Peru. Without a doubt, a task would not be possible without the effort of real teachers that transmitting the illusion of knowledge has become an example and synonym of hope for children who are preparing to live in a better society.

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