Sol Alpaca Fall-Winter 18/19 Collection

Have you ever had the sensation of feeling ‘at home’ despite being a long way from home?  You notice colors and shapes that bring back memories of some moment in your life; our reminiscences draw no frontiers when the world whispers to our memory that it’s just one and that in the beginning, we were never really so different.


Our Fall-Winter 18/19 Collection seeks to bring down the ‘walls’ that have separated people with the passage of time and draws inspiration not only from Peru but from the entire world; the collection expresses the idea that we share a common origin through the use of Andean symbols and African masks combined with turquoise tones that kindle recollections of our journeys among oriental civilizations; and it reflects fresh energy with details bestowed by our land.

We acknowledge the beauty of Andean culture amid the features of other civilizations and we express it in a mixture of designs and colors which characterize our garments and accessories and bring you closer to the textile and handcrafting diversity of our Andean heritage.


Inspired by the entire world and full of culture, you will find our Fall-Winter 18/19 Collection of garments and accessories rich in colour and design; there are unfinished edges that express the beauty of imperfection, mélange yarns which create unique textures, sashes, sparkles and colour-block designs, while the wonderful iconography of our Andean culture is not forgotten.


First people, one people Fall-Winter 18/19 reveals that we’re human beings, we spring from a common origin and we share the same beginnings. Today we tell the world that Peru isn’t just ours; it’s for EVERYONE.

Discover today our new collection First people, one people. Fall-Winter 18/19.



Culture-laden Alpaca shawls and scarves – New AMANO MUSEUM Arrivals

When an artist has something to say they express themselves in more ways than we could count, it’s a job for an artist to capture the essence of our Andean Heritage and transform this incredibly rich source of inspiration in a new majestic piece of art.


The Amano Museum Collection it’s not other than the perfect example of a beautiful piece that bases its inspiration in the marvelous textiles of the pre-Columbian Andean cultures, in their forms, contrasts, and histories.


This collection now includes three more cultures as a source of inspiration Chavin, Chimu and Inca reinterpreting the designs created by the ancient Andean people to represent not only their most sacred beliefs but their everyday chores in a delicate and complex way.


The Amano Museum was founded in 1964 by the initiative of the Japanese businessman Yoshitaro Amano, to preserve the cultural heritage so that it can be admired for next generations to come. Located in one of the first buildings that were designed as a museum, it soon became one of the most important exhibition spaces for Peruvian Textile art.


REVELATION – Fall Winter 2017 2018 Sol Alpaca Collection

Centuries ago, Pizarro´s secretary wrote a letter to the Spanish king, Charles V, revealing the first contact between the Spanish Conquerors and a civilization with a culture of ancient traditions, the Inca Empire.

The letter describes the cargo of the Inca trading raft captured in 1527:

Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 Collection inspiration Revelation


This is an incredible, detailed description revealing the luxury and beauty observed upon first encountering our ancestors. We strive to make our ancestry present in our everyday lives, and bring it into the modern day; through this letter comes the inspiration of our new collection REVELATION.


Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 Revelation Poncho


In this collection, as always the central theme is our Andean Heritage. While also taking some inspiration from all over the world, and incorporating traditional techniques of embroidery, weaving, etc. It is a collection rich in color and design.


Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 clothing for women

Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 clothing for women


A great display of creativity, effort, and passion for our Andean culture, came to an end. We are finally ready to reveal what Sol Alpaca has prepared for you this year.

Take a look at the New Sol Alpaca’s Fall Winter 2017/2018 Collection designs.


For Women For Men Accessories and Home Line
Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 clothing for women Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 clothing for men Sol Alpaca Fall Winter 2017 2018 blankets and throws


Find this and more exclusive alpaca clothing at  We hope you feel the passion behind our new collection as much as we do!


Our new 2016-2017 Autumn Winter Sol Alpaca Collection now available on-line!

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

The new 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter Sol Alpaca Collection you’ve been waiting for is here!  

At Sol Alpaca we feel proud and more than satisfied with the new Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 collection.  It’s a set of clothes and accessories made from the finest alpaca fibre and embodying Andean designs not only to keep you warm but also to endow you with a most distinguished appearance.  Above all, they enable you to show off a living example of our Andean heritage.

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


Majesty, intensity, ancient textile heritage, and Andean culture have been captured in these new designs, this time inspired by the art of seventeenth-century Peruvian painters who drew their ideas from the beautiful drawings, outlines and textures created by contemporary craftsmen.


Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


All this inspiration, with perfect colour combinations and current fashion trends, is now available from our on-line store.  

You’ll most certainly be surprised with the details, ornaments and colours used in the garments for this collection. They’ll let you experience the magic of our #AndeanHeritage and Peru.‬‬

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


We’re absolutely sure you’ll love this collection as much as we do, and that it’ll make you feel warmer when you most need to.

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

How should men dress according to the occasion (in winter!)

alpaca clothin for men

When dressing, men prefer to give priority to comfort and convenience over fashion trends.

And although it’s not a secret that they don’t enjoy shopping as much as women, it is necessary that when they do, they acquire key pieces that can work on different occasions, especially if the weather is cold and they need to make a good impression.

In Sol Alpaca we are experts in creating useful and functional garments taking advantage of the textile fiber quality of Peruvian alpaca, and considering also global fashion trends; that is why today we want to offer a practical guide on how to dress for every occasion in winter season for men who need a little guidance.



Whether you work in a formal or casual environment, it is important that you give a good impression to your office colleagues and allies, especially those in senior positions, because as the saying goes “as they see you, they treat you.” A good choice for a professional look on cold days is a cardigan with buttons (it can also be used with a tie) or with a v-neck. You can also play with the textures and patterns of the shirt.

alpaca graduate stripped cardigan

100% super baby alpaca graduate stripped cardigan


Saturday night

If you have a special date or just a night out with your friends, the best option is to combine a dark jean with a thick sweater. This way you can feel warmer and also have a casual touch. The Weekend Cable Cardigan is definitely a basic for this season.

weekend baby alpaca cardigan

100% Baby Alpaca Weekend Cable cardigan



Packing for a trip (leisure or work) is often a problem for many; usually they packed more -or less- than what they need, and usually it’s never proper. If you are traveling in winter, the key is to have a good coat, because it will be the garment that prevails in all your changes of clothing. Try to have one with a solid color and consider a bigger size of what you usually wear because your will have other layers below (shirt and sweater). This garment will be essential to enjoy your winter with style.

baby alpaca jacket for men

100% Baby Alpaca Bomber Jacket


Family day

For a family day there is nothing better than to look and feel comfortable. This is the time when you are free to use the colors and prints that you like and define you. A patterned or striped sweater is ideal for both day and night. You can combine it with jeans and sport shoes.

baby alpaca tartan design pullover

100% Baby alpaca Tartan Design Pullover


A cape, whether it’s worn as a coat or a blazer, gives a touch of elegance to any outfit you have on and they are the perfect choice to polish a casual outfit.

Today I want to share with you some pictures to inspire you to try our 7 ways to wear SOL ALPACA capes for yourself. The best thing about capes are the seasons of use, although it’s hard to believe, capes can be used during autumn, spring, and off course winter season, when temperatures are dropping and you need to wrap up yourself without losing your style. They will keep you warm without seeming you are hiding your outfit….

Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks

Probably you are still wondering, why should you wear a SOL ALPACA cape? believe me it will be a purchase you will never regret, capes are a fashionable piece that can fit into any personal style, giving you warm without making you feel suffocated, they are the perfect complement to any outfit and you’ll be surprised at how versatile the cape can be in your daily looks without seeming a repeated attire.

Incorporate them into your wardrobe and keep checking out the photos for all the inspiration you need to look awesome this season. Keep it glamour and sophisticated by wearing SOL ALPACA`S CAPES!

Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks
Sol Alpaca’s Ethnic Cape, 7 different looks

If you dont have a SOL ALPACA’s cape and you want to get a creative, new, sophisticated, glamorous style and the most importante to #FEELWARMER, dont miss the chance to get them with a super discount until December 21st in our online store, they will be a perfect gift for her this Christmas!

Create your own look, combining textures and colours!

Combining colours, designs and textures is a trend. The key to match distinct textures on garments is that at least one colour should be repeated.  If you want your outfit to look better, one of the garments should predominate. Combining colour and texture in clothes is a fun way to make a statement saying that rules can be broken.

We are sharing these examples from our model mixing textures in these outfits, would you like to dress up one of these combinations?

Click here: Sol Alpaca Women Category


Dare to make a difference!

Sol Alpaca in “Perú Moda 2015”

Sol alpaca, as part of Michell Group, participated once again in this year’s “Peru Moda 2015”, “The biggest event in the Peruvian fashion industry”.

The most liked garments among the attendees that visited our stand were the ones on the Sol Alpaca-Hand Made accessories line. Also, our visitors were pleasantly surprised with the wide spectrum of colours utilized in our clothing pieces of the “Union and Conmotion 2015/2016” collection, soon to be launched.

Wherever you are in Peru, there is Sol Alpaca!

Thinking about your needs, we opened our first store in the peruvian jungle. The past June 4th we launched a new store in Puerto Maldonado. With this opening, we now have presence in 7 cities of Perú: Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Cajamarca, Chiclayo and Puerto Maldonado.

The new store is strategically located in the “International Airport Padre Aldamiz-Puerto Maldonado”. Taking in account the increasing flow of tourists at exponential rates, being tourism one of the most important economic activities in the amazonic region.

If you are close to Puerto Maldonado, visit us and discover the finest Peruvian fibres: Alpaca and Vicuña.