SPRING AIR Collection

Spring Air Collection

Start removing the dust from your favorite shoes and sandals, no fear that they get ruined by the salt. Days are becoming longer as we were waiting for, the warm colors and light clothes are back!

As we brave the last few days of winter and that frozen breeze on your face, we get ready to wrap ourselves in fresh SPRING AIR.

Spring Air Collection

What will you wear to share that wine in the terrace with friends? …

This year, for the first time, Sol Alpaca launches the new Spring Air Collection, made with the finest yarns of baby alpaca in an exquisite blend with other noble fibers to provide a sophisticated article which is light, fresh and natural as spring air.

Discover the light clothes to look out for in 2017 in our Spring Air Collection.

Spring Air Collection


Giving warmth is another way of giving love.

Valentine’s Day is a date for lovers, and whatever you plan to do, you will be faced with finding the right gift to express your feelings. Sure, you could go the flowers and chocolate route this Valentine’s Day. But why not try something different?

Whether you have just started dating, happily married, anywhere in between or just friends, we’ve got the best gift ideas lined up for you.


Accessories are a perfect detailed gift. She would love something out of the ordinary to decorate her look.




2422-02 c001 BLOG





Capes will make her feel special, the different designs, patterns, and colors are what makes them unique.








A pullover goes with his daily look as well as he could use it at work.







If you don’t want to spend a lot but want something long-lasting and meaningful, you should go for a scarf.








Sol Alpaca winter clothing



The start of a new year is a great time to let everything in the past and have a new beginning; that’s why, January is the perfect month to step on every store’s sale, and because we know this season brings cold and snow, we have what you need to complete your winters wardrobe.
Our alpaca clothing WINTER SALE offers outfits for every style, from refined and trendy to a perfect comfortable look.


winter alpaca coats


The alpaca coats are always a good option to stand the cold days and at the same time looking fantastic this season.
A perfect look combination, where you can use a basic Alpaca pullover, cardigan or jacket under your trendy coat, made out of the ideal fiber to keep you warmer, and on top decorate this look with a colorful or patterned scarf.
One of the best things about this outfit is that you can either wear it with a pair of jeans or your best trousers.


winter alpaca accessories and sweaters


winter alpaca scarves and coats



Pattern play and layering can be fun in putting together a great outfit. But although it’s a cold season, buildings are so overly heated that working in layers is easier than overheating.
Wearing an Alpaca cardigan under one of our jackets will be the best option for this winter. The whole outfit will maintain you warm outdoors, and while indoors, with the Alpaca cardigan you will be at the perfect temperature.

Now you know!, take a time to visit our online store and shop our SALE! solalpaca.com/store


winter alpaca scarves, coats and sweaters

For our World Leaders: The most luxury Vicuna Throw by Sol Alpaca

Thousands of years ago, our Andean Cultures used exclusively Vicuna fiber to clothe royalty. Yesterday 20+ presidents and prime ministers from all the world received in #APEC2016 the most finest and luxury fiber from Peru, a 100% #Vicuna throw by #SolAlpaca.
We are sure that our distinguished world leaders will be delighted by this preciated garment, which besides representing luxury is bearer of culture and nature.


Enjoy yourself our Vicuna garments and accessories, for more information email us to info@solalpaca.com and get your own baby alpaca winter clothing from our Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 Collection in our online store.

A longstanding project becomes a reality

Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection

The Amano Textile Museum and Sol Alpaca have joined forces to save examples of wonderful pre-Columbian textile art – an invaluable heritage of mankind with more than 12000 years of history.

Today we are introducing our AMANO COLLECTION, a longstanding project that becomes a reality. The development of a small but sophisticated collection of stoles, whose design has been inspired by the marvellous textiles of the pre-Columbian Andean cultures, in their forms, contrasts and histories.

Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection
The AMANO collection, bases its designs on the characteristics of the ancient Chancay, Huari and Mochica cultures, blending their forms in a high-quality fabric and reinterpreting the iconography created by the ancient Andean people to represent their most sacred beliefs, their representations of power and their intimate relationship with nature.

We invite you to participate in this rich tradition.

Chancay - Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection

The Chancay people were outstanding weavers who experimented with the artistic possibilities of textiles. Among their notable creations are beautiful, delicate lace fabrics symbolizing the equilibrium and richness of the sea and bestowing abundance and fertility on the home.

Mochica - Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection

Border ornaments with step designs and triangles are recurring elements in the culture of the Moche or Mochica people, masters of the northern coastal desert. The symbols were permanent elements of their iconography, and were related to order and the sacred powers of its rulers.

Huari - Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection

The Huari people built the first Andean empire. Their most characteristic designs correspond to symbols of power, such as step designs and waves, where symmetry and stylization predominate, symbolizing the order of their society and the prestige of their gods.

Discover the AMANO COLLECTION beautiful designs in our online store


The Amano Textile Museum was founded at the initiative of the Japanese businessman, Yoshitaro Amano, to protect the cultural heritage of Peru from destruction and looting.

In 1964 the Amano Museum was established, housed in one of the first buildings in Peru designed as a museum. It came to be acknowledged as one of the most important exhibition spaces for Peruvian textile art and a cooperation bridge linking Japanese and Peruvian researchers.

Sol Alpaca AMANO Collection

Fifty years later, the Amano family took the decision to remodel the museum in line with the founder’s tradition of service and research.
The new concept, called AMANO – PRE-COLUMBIAN TEXTILE MUSEUM, offers contemporary exhibition premises completely devoted to the world of pre-Columbian textiles under modern display and conservation conditions.


Sol Alpaca fall looks ideas you need to know


Autumn’s here and we want to share with you a few fall looks ideas to keep you warm and looking just fantastic this season.



a basic alpaca pullover, cardigan or jacket will enhance your look in combination with comfortable fabric trousers ideal for the office – and will go just as well with the perfect simplicity of your jeans, add a colourful scarf, stole or shawl and get a bright style.


Sol Alpaca fall looks ideas you need to know


fall looks ideas you need to know




 the current fashion trends are embodied in our pullovers and cardigans; their beautiful designs will lend your wardrobe a range of shades that harmonize with the landscapes you enjoy while you’re out walking and the leaves that fall on these cool autumn days.


fall looks ideas you need to know



Forget about putting on several layers of bulky clothing to keep yourself warm. Ponchos are easy on and easy off for temperature adjustment, they’ll provide the warmth and comfort you’re seeking – to say nothing of contrasting perfectly with the season’s brown and ochre tones.


fall looks ideas you need to know


fall looks ideas you need to know



There’s no doubt that the most modern and elegant way of keeping warm while making a show of elegance is to use fine baby-alpaca capes. In solid colours, patterned or colourful they go well with everything, a new unisex style to make a statement this season!


fall looks ideas you need to know


fall looks ideas you need to know


Take a look at all the combinations and colours of our alpaca garments and accessories; we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for to complete your fall/winter’s wardrobe in our online store  solalpaca.com/store

Mystical autumn in Sogay – a photography session

05h:30 … a double rainbow greets us – unusual for a Peruvian autumn, and a good omen for the exhibition of designs and colours that is to take place in the village of Sogay, 35 km from the city of Arequipa.

Sol Alpaca autumn winter 2016 2017 photography session

Stepped cobbled streets, muleteers’ paths, and houses built of “sillar”, the white local stone, all overlooking the little valley of the River Yarabamba provided a picturesque backdrop for the display of garments and accessories of the new Sol Alpaca collection for autumn/winter 2016/2017.

Sol Alpaca autumn winter 2016 2017 photography session

Sol Alpaca autumn winter 2016 2017 photography session

We should like to thank our team-members for long hours of professional hard work, joy, enthusiasm, commitment and, above all, for letting themselves be carried away by the Andean mystique embodied in our new Sol Alpaca collection – a pervasive mystique which we can experience through the harmony of our designs with nature and the colonial architecture of the village of Sogay.

Sol Alpaca autumn winter 2016 2017 photography session

We’ve set things up to share a quick look behind the scenes with you; we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Our new 2016-2017 Autumn Winter Sol Alpaca Collection now available on-line!

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

The new 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter Sol Alpaca Collection you’ve been waiting for is here!  

At Sol Alpaca we feel proud and more than satisfied with the new Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 collection.  It’s a set of clothes and accessories made from the finest alpaca fibre and embodying Andean designs not only to keep you warm but also to endow you with a most distinguished appearance.  Above all, they enable you to show off a living example of our Andean heritage.

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


Majesty, intensity, ancient textile heritage, and Andean culture have been captured in these new designs, this time inspired by the art of seventeenth-century Peruvian painters who drew their ideas from the beautiful drawings, outlines and textures created by contemporary craftsmen.


Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


All this inspiration, with perfect colour combinations and current fashion trends, is now available from our on-line store.  

You’ll most certainly be surprised with the details, ornaments and colours used in the garments for this collection. They’ll let you experience the magic of our #AndeanHeritage and Peru.‬‬

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection


We’re absolutely sure you’ll love this collection as much as we do, and that it’ll make you feel warmer when you most need to.

Sol Alpaca Autumn Winter 2016 2017 Clothing Collection

How should men dress according to the occasion (in winter!)

alpaca clothin for men

When dressing, men prefer to give priority to comfort and convenience over fashion trends.

And although it’s not a secret that they don’t enjoy shopping as much as women, it is necessary that when they do, they acquire key pieces that can work on different occasions, especially if the weather is cold and they need to make a good impression.

In Sol Alpaca we are experts in creating useful and functional garments taking advantage of the textile fiber quality of Peruvian alpaca, and considering also global fashion trends; that is why today we want to offer a practical guide on how to dress for every occasion in winter season for men who need a little guidance.



Whether you work in a formal or casual environment, it is important that you give a good impression to your office colleagues and allies, especially those in senior positions, because as the saying goes “as they see you, they treat you.” A good choice for a professional look on cold days is a cardigan with buttons (it can also be used with a tie) or with a v-neck. You can also play with the textures and patterns of the shirt.

alpaca graduate stripped cardigan

100% super baby alpaca graduate stripped cardigan


Saturday night

If you have a special date or just a night out with your friends, the best option is to combine a dark jean with a thick sweater. This way you can feel warmer and also have a casual touch. The Weekend Cable Cardigan is definitely a basic for this season.

weekend baby alpaca cardigan

100% Baby Alpaca Weekend Cable cardigan



Packing for a trip (leisure or work) is often a problem for many; usually they packed more -or less- than what they need, and usually it’s never proper. If you are traveling in winter, the key is to have a good coat, because it will be the garment that prevails in all your changes of clothing. Try to have one with a solid color and consider a bigger size of what you usually wear because your will have other layers below (shirt and sweater). This garment will be essential to enjoy your winter with style.

baby alpaca jacket for men

100% Baby Alpaca Bomber Jacket


Family day

For a family day there is nothing better than to look and feel comfortable. This is the time when you are free to use the colors and prints that you like and define you. A patterned or striped sweater is ideal for both day and night. You can combine it with jeans and sport shoes.

baby alpaca tartan design pullover

100% Baby alpaca Tartan Design Pullover

New Sol Alpaca Collection Fall Winter 2016- 2017

We are very excited to be sharing with you a scoop of our new Sol Alpaca clothing collection: Fall Winter 2016 – 2017, that we will be launching in stores (Peru and Chile) and in our online store in the next few days.


Our inspiration for this season comes from the artworks of peruvian painters who in the seventeenth century took references of the drawings, textures, silhouettes and beauty of the work that craftsmen did on the same time period. When seeing those masterpieces, if you pay close attention, there is a fine relationship between these artists; it is like one inspires the other’s work.



And of course alpaca, our main raw material, was also a part of the inspiration for this new collection. In Sol Alpaca we are very proud of our legacy and our fine and warm fibre, the Andean Heritage we work to prevail over time.
With this combination of ideas and inspiration, we created over 90 garments designed for all kinds of shapes and taste, so people from all over the world can have and enjoy one of the most beautiful things a person can have from Peru and its Andean Heritage.




We really hope you love this collection as much as we do, and that it can make you feel warmer when you need it the most. Soon we will give you more news. 😉